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Discover more about the types of sunbeds we have at Go&Glo, and how to utlilise our products to their best effect.

UV Stand Up Units

UV stand up units offer a fast, convenient and hygienic tanning service. This is ideal for those of you that want to build up a beautiful tan, but don't have much time on your hands.

UV Lay Down Units

UV lay down units offer a relaxing, comfortable and hygienic tanning service which is suitable for those of you who want to pamper yourselves and escape for a few mins whilst building a beautiful tan.

Glo & Go recommends that a cream or lotion is used with any UV tanning. Lotions not only accelerate your tan by 60% but will provide your skin with the nutrients sometimes lost by exposure to UV light. Glo & Go offers a wide range of lotions for all levels of clients, from the beginner to the more experienced tanner. All lotions are aimed at maximising the potential of your tanning session.

Main benefits of using a lotion

  • Lotion hydrates the skin allowing a deeper tan that lasts longer. Dry skin reflects light, whereby only a shallow tan is achieved, and this fades quickly. Hydrated skin allows the u.v rays to penetrate more deeply, giving a longer-lasting tan.
  • Lotion maximises the tanning potential of your session by stimulating melanin production which creates a darker tan over less sessions.
  • Lotion will help protect the skin from wrinkles. Skin loses moisture during the tanning session and lotion prevents this by keeping the skin hydrated.